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Online bill payment has become very popular. With all the new offered technology in our world, the ease of free bill pay offered online has increasing become the way of the world. The day to day grind of our daily lives, offers little time for relaxation, let alone making out bills and driving to the post office. We no longer need the use of stamps, online bill payment is offered through most of our banks, and the majority of our creditors web sites as well.

Using Your Checking Account for Online Banking

Online banking has been offered to us through most of the financial institutions. We can easily go online, click on our checking account information, and even make transactions. You can find many web sites that offer online bill pay services and in most cases they are free bill pay services. You can have all your monthly accounts in one spot, the ability to make the payments, using the same web site and even set up reoccurring payments.

You no longer have to drive to the post office, stand in long lines to purchase stamps. The fear of a payment being lost in the mail is in the past, we now have online bill pay services that offer immediate payment to your creditor.

The online bill payment web sites are safe and secure. You will not have to worry about your information being stolen or lost. You can choose to have it stored for reoccurring payments, but this is not an obligation.

You save so much time by being able to log on, find your account information quickly and easily and have the payments deducted from your checking account. The ease of the services offered and the fact that they are offering free bill pay is a very attractive and enticing deal for most people. You not only save precious time, but money as well. You do not have to worry about the payments not reaching your creditor in time and created negative credit ratings for you. ComBillPay.Com offers free bill pay, easy reoccurring payments, one time payments, all from the use f your checking account and online banking services.

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